A visit from the Dirty Vegan

Our good friends Matt and Lemmy Pritchard came down to our siop at the Goodsheds last week, to promote Matt’s latest award winning vegan cookbook Fast and Easy. And for Lemmy to ‘wwff’ lyrical about his special edition vegan Goodwash dog shampoo Lemmy wash.

Fans took the opportunity to meet and chat with their fave vegan chef and pick up a signed copy of Matt’s book or our limited edition Lemmy Wash

Fast and easy has over 80 plant based recipes in chapters like ‘Bung it all in one pot’Cwtch food’ and ‘Tooth killers’ (obviously pronounced ‘twth’ in many areas of South Wales).

We are big fans of Matt’s cooking but our relationship goes deeper than that. As Matt says ‘I love working with the Goodwash company. A few years ago we developed a vegan dog shampoo together ’Lemmy wash’ and we use the profits to help rescue dogs at risk of the meat trade in Cambodia. Everything Goodwash does has a social purpose and their vegan products are banging!’

You can find our limited edition Lemmy wash here

Matt’s latest book is selling fast and its difficult to find a copy but you can win a signed copy with over 80 exciting plant-based recipes from us. 

All you need to do to enter our Fast and Easy competition is to follow us @TheGoodwashCompany, on instagram, like the post, repost and tag a friend. Winners will be announced on Saturday on 10th February..

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