Bwyta, cysgu, molchi

Eat, Sleep and Wash

At Goodwash we want to partner with the very best hotels and restaurants across the UK to help you to enhance your customer experience and acheive your sustainabilty and social impact goals .

We created Goodwash for people that expect exceptional quality while making the world a better place. And people that expect this in the places that they love to stay and eat.

Our aim has always been to compliment the very best food experiences and enhance the most elegant bathrooms.

We believe in what we call positive Welsh luxury. So

  • Everything that goes into a good wash with Goodwash is good. Our ingredients, our care and our intentions.
  • We have created a range of luxury wash products that love your skin and hair, and fur, leaving it looking, feeling and smelling absolutely delicious.
  • Every time your customers have a Goodwash, good things happen for people and animals in Wales through Elusen Goodwash – our own charity.

Talk to us today about providing your guests with a really Goodwash. You can come visit us at our siop in Barri Goodsheds, CF62 5QU Wedesday to Sunday or email us at or call us on 02922 400959 between 9-6am daily.

‘Be the difference you want to see in the world’

Jane Goodall