We wanted to create a luxury Welsh skincare brand with a social conscience. 

A skincare brand that would look great in the best bathrooms from Port Talbot to Tribeca. That would feel fantastic even on the most sensitive skin and fur. And that would help some of the most important social and animal care issues across Wales. The result is Goodwash.

Co Founder Mandy Powell

Ex Welsh Sports Internationals Mandy and Kelly started with locally sourced organic essential oils on their kitchen table near Barri, we created a range of natural products based on age old Welsh remedies. Goodwash loves your skin, hair and fur (if you have it).

Today Goodwash has outgrown our kitchen table, but we are still proud to call Barri our home. And we are even more proud that we have provided £90,000 in funds for over 45 organisations and charities across Wales. Proving that you can do good with every wash.

Fur Founders, Maisy and Duffle Powell

The Goodwash story isn’t complete without a mention of our two fur founders. Maisy, a gorgeous Westie with sensitive skin and Duffle, a gorgeous Labradoodle. They were not too keen on showers and baths, hated cruelty to animals of any kind and were the inspiration behind our legendary and loved Dog Wash. Sadly Maisy and Duffle are no longer with us, but their spirit guides us every day.

“Authenticity is key to everything we do…”

The Goodwash Company 2019

Wash Do Good

Wash; Goodwash products are sourced from only the very finest natural ingredients from our land and sea. Our cruelty free products are bursting with natural health benefits that will leave your skin, hair, body and fur body feeling totally replenished. Even our woof wash will leave the significant animal in your life smelling delicious.

Do Good; By choosing Goodwash you are helping improve lives of animals and people in local communities without having to compromise on quality. Below outlines what The Goodwash Company achieved in its first full year of trading in 2019;