A social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human, animal and environmental well-being.

‘The Goodwash Company’ is a social enterprise that gives 100% of profits from product sales to ‘The Goodwash Foundation’ to fund projects that help improve the lives of animals and people.

The two have distinctive ways of doing business. A social enterprise’s primary purpose is its social and/or environmental mission – it tries to maximise the amount of social good balanced against its financial goals. An ethical business tries to minimise its negative impact on society or the environment.

We adhere to cosmetic product safety regulations set by the EU, which means that our products are fit to be marketed and sold within the EU.

All our products have 100% natural ingredients made in the UK. Whenever possible we use natural ingredients from our own Welsh land and sea such as lavender, sea salt and water in all our products.

All our products are lovingly packaged and distributed in Wales, by volunteers or employees who have previously been long term unemployed and are now transforming their own lives for the better through our support. ‘Goodwash’ is committed to paying the national living wage at the very minimum.

All our wash products are officially Vegan certified by the Vegan Society. In our animal range, our Dogwash is vegan friendly. In our human range, our Shampoo and Hand wash is vegan friendly.

No, we have not applied for an organic stamp.

To be labelled as organic, ingredients have to be grown without pesticides in controlled soil that has undergone a five-year wash-out period prior to planting. All organic ingredients have to be certified – as do the factories that use them – by The Soil Association. We have focused on naturally derived and vegan friendly ingredients wherever we can without compromising on luxury and quality.

No. Our company and ALL our employees are strongly against animal testing and cruelty, and believe all animals should be respected. For these reasons, we have consciously decided to give all our profits to projects that improve the lives of both animals and people, via our very own foundation and also created natural wash products that both animals and humans can use.

This depends on how much product you use, and with what frequency—most products will last 9-12 months if used consistently according to instructions for use.

Although we operate as a sustainable business, we’re different to most other companies in that we do not have private investors or shareholders.

This is great for impact because it allows us to give 100% of profits to projects, but it also can be a challenge when it comes to growing the organisation. Because of this, a big part of what we do relies on our strategic partners, many of whom offer a range of services to us at a discounted or pro bono rate. For example, the global law firm Dentons provide all our legal advice as pro bono support. In addition, we have donors who don’t invest but simply give their time and expertise towards growing the Goodwash business and foundation.
We have also received a contribution of european funding from the Welsh Council of Voluntary Action (WCVA) to develop a welsh social enterprise creating sustainable employment and social impact across Wales.

We do not believe that boycotting palm oil is the answer – instead, we want to play our part in transforming the industry. We are a small company but we want to add our voice to the growing call for palm oil companies to produce responsible palm oil, and stop clearing forests.

Goodwash has pledged to use only organic, certified sustainable palm oil in our products (approved by ecocerts natural and organic cosmetic standards) which means that the palm oil has been produced without harming the rainforests that orangutans and so many other species depend on for their survival. The Sumatran Orangutan Society and others are working hard to make it as strong a standard as possible, and by supporting SOS, and insisting that our suppliers source palm oil only from traceable plantations that have not contributed to deforestation, we can be confident that our business and our customers are helping to keep forests standing and orangutans and other wildlife safe.

Becoming a stockist is as simple as getting in touch with our sales team, who will connect you with one of our trusted distributors.

Email info@goodwash.co.uk and we will be able to point you in the right direction

We sell our products wholesale through a range of trusted distributors. So we can put you in touch with the right one, please email sales@goodwash.co.uk with the following information.

  • Full delivery address
  • Contact number
  • Products you are after (more information: animal, human, clothing)
  • Do you currently work with any distributors? If yes, which ones?

We look forward to hearing from you.

We use PET plastic as it is 100% recyclable, and sustainable. It is  safe and non-toxic.. Recycling of PET first started in 1975 and today PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world. All parts of it can be recycled and turned into a multitude of new uses – from new bottles to fleece textiles, fibres, carpeting, thermoformed PET packaging – or even football kits, such as those designed by Nike for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil earlier this year. The tags on our bottle are printed on stock that is FSC certified from Sustainable Forestry, and is 100% recyclable.

We are constantly looking at other ways we can improve our process from an environmental perspective and are working closely with social business wales to ensure we continue to be the best we can be in this area. We have recently signed up to complete the Green Dragon environmental accreditation.

Our gift boxes are made from 95% recycled material, originally from Sustainable Forests.

Established in 1999 as a charity, the Community Foundation in Wales awards grants of over £2 million each year to charities and community groups on behalf of donors who are motivated to make a difference and inspire change.

The Community Foundation in Wales has been officially appointed to manage ‘The Goodwash Foundation’ and distribute funds raised on our behalf. Ensuring that all grant decisions and grants awarded, are in line with Charity Law and Charity Commission regulations.

One way to get involved is to become a Ambassador.

Ambassadors are our biggest supporters, our change makers who want to do more for the ‘social change’ movement. They do everything from supporting us on social media, running 10k and triathlons to help raise funds – even to getting the word out on the streets by ensuring ‘Goodwash’ stocked in local bars, hotels, restaurants and corporate offices.
Armed with an ambassador handbook, they’ve got all sort of tips and tricks up their sleeve so they can be a world changer in their own community! Email info@sales

Another way to get involved is sign up to our newsletter, so you can stay in the know with all the good things we’re up to!