Bannau Brycheiniog

The Brecon Beacons National Park  have announced that they will now call this area of outstanding beauty only by its Welsh name  – Bannau Brycheiniog. There’s been a lot of publicity about this referring to a ‘name change’ but it’s not a new name or a name change, it’s simply the original name. Much like Uluru is no longer Ayres Rock and Mumbai is no longer Bombay and closer to home Yr Wyddfa is no longer Snowdon. 

Our Goodwash HQ is in Y Barri not in Barry however on our labels we are from Wales not Cymru. Do we need to change this as well? Will you join us on this journey?

Using the original name gives us so much insight. Pen y Fan literally means 

  • pen = top 
  • y = the
  • fan = beacon or peak. 

And we see the plural of fan = Bannau in the name Bannau Brycheiniog. Brycheiniog comes from Brychan, a King who’s sons established the area as their kingdom back in the 6th century.

The sister mountain Corn Du means black chimney and you can easily see from its silouette in the picture why it gets this name. Siôn Corn, our name for Father Christmas is the same derivation meaning chimney Siôn. So now you know!

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