Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals are not treated differently or less favourably , on the basis of their specific protected characteristic, including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age.

Via the GoodWash Foundation, our new ethical tees ‘CARIAD=CARIAD’ are uniquely designed to support Wales leading LGBT+ charity ‘Pride Cymru’ and celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Cardiff Pride #PrideCaerdydd.

Certified organic cotton tee, not tested on animals, low waste print, made in renewable energy powered factory. Each tee sold helps supports The GW foundation to improve local LGBT+ projects

Despite recent legislative achievements there is still so much more work to be done in Wales and around other parts of the UK to improve opportunities for LGBT+ people; and to create a society where every individual feels comfortable being who they are, at home, in their local community, and in the workplace.

Sadly ‘Equality For All’ is not yet the norm.

This is something everyone at the Good Wash Company are not willing to accept and we wanted to play our role in helping to change this.

Goodwash Founder Mandy Powell comments: ‘Authenticity is a core value at The Goodwash Company.  ‘Be you, always be you’ is phrase we use frequently.

Be it in the language we use on social media platforms, how we work, what we do, make or brands we collaborate with. All our products are ethical, and made by people that we admire and respect.

We love the fact everyone is different, and for people to be their authentic selves you must create a culture where authenticity is valued and equality respected. Our new range of products using the equality symbol ‘CARIAD=CARIAD’ have been developed closely by our team, who are passionate about the story behind it.

Choose a 20 year #PrideCaerdydd anniversary tee from any colour of the rainbow https://thegoodwashcompany.teemill.co.uk/product/goodwash-equality-adventure-tee/

Coincidently our team were delighted to also uncover the fact that the equality symbol ‘=’ was first recorded by a Welsh Physician and mathematician from Tenby named Robert Recorde (1512-1558). It was Robert who also introduced the existing plus sign ‘+’ to English speakers in 1557 too!  

Both symbols have been used in this blog LGBT+ and CARIAD=CARIAD.


Our tees are made from sustainable, ethically sourced natural cotton and available (of course they are) in all the colours of the rainbow. All our product designs are non-gender specific.

Pride Cymru is a volunteer led charity that works to promote the elimination of discrimination be it on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or ability. Its vision is for the LGBT+ community to be positively connected with society and to flourish as a community that is valued and accepted in its diversity and be free from hate crime, discrimination and prejudice.

Order your equality tee here and help improve lives #oneteeatatime. Look good, feel good and do good in our ethically sourced Rapanui tees (and even more that that) when your done with your tee you can return it to be recycled and we will give you £5-£10 towards your next purchase… how cwl!

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