Goodwash Traditions

Some Christmas traditions we all share like a Christmas tree in the front room or gift giving, others are rather more individual. And of course, our traditions grow and change as our families and experiences change. Christmas traditions have the funny habit of being both eternal and ever changing.

Here are a few of our Christmas traditions at Goodwash. Nadolig Llawen to you all.

Mandy – Goodwash Founder

I have a super secret mince pie recipe I have inherited with a very special ingredient. Every Christmas Eve I make mince pies, drink mulled wine, listen to Christmas Jazz and then share them with my family.

Trish – Goodwash Accounts

I Wake up and drink Bucks fizz as soon as possible, continue to drink the Bucks Fizz until lunchtime then open the Red Wine, repeat and continue.

Alex – Goodwash photography

One small present on Christmas Eve. Then argue with my wife that it is a legit tradition and not something I made up. Christmas Day don’t open presents in front of anyone. New years day thank fuck its over and vow to do things differently next year. Bah humbug!

Bec – Goodwash Siop Criw

Lay in them downstairs with the boys in our PJs opening presents by the log fire.

Ceril – Goodwash Criw

Twenty years ago one of my nieces was upset not to be cast as Mary in her school nativity play so we created our own. Now every year we write an extended Nativity for the whole family so everyone can play the part they want with even more ridiculous additions.

Allan – Goodwash Operations

The boys arriving in our room with their stockings from the end of their beds. They wake us up excited and play with the little gifts and then go downstairs to see if Santa has left anymore. We always think it’s important to remember the little things.

Talia – Goodwash Siop criw

The log fire being lit first thing in the morning followed by freshly baked croissants before opening prezzies.

Helen – Goodwash Siop Criw

Christmas starts when Walkers bring out the festive turkey flavour crisps.

Sadie – Goodwash Siop Criw

A Christmas Eve Box with new PJs each year

Justin – Goodwash Criw

When out of the blue it snowed one Christmas we had to jump into the hot tub. Now champagne in the tub on Christmas day is a permanent fixture.

Neave – Goodwash Siop Criw

Spending time with family – oh and having ham, egg and chips for tea on Christmas eve.

Mali – Goodwash Eisteddfod Criw

Being woken really early by my little sister and taking Eira, our dog, to the beach first thing. It’s really special because Eira was a Christmas arrival – the best Christmas of my life.

Richard – Goodwash Criw

In the last three years my wife and I have started swimming on Christmas Day. In the morning the Highgate men’s pond, on hampstead heath, is open to everyone (the women’s pond stays just for women) so we can swim together. And start the day with all the endorphins you could want for Christmas.

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