I wanted to pen a personal note to wish you a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda and a thank you for your support over the remarkable past few years. 

We want to spark joy with our communications to you and we will be launching our Papur Da on the first Friday of every month.

We hope you will look forward to reading these on Saturday mornings with a coffi bara birth. We would love to see your posts!

Papur da translates as Good Paper but the name is a nod to the successful network of Papurau Bro or Community Newspapers that share the local news and events across communities in Wales.

We want to introduce our Goodwash version in the form of a monthly Papur Da to inform our Goodwash community of what’s going on in our favourite corner of the world.

Each month we will be introducing you to the most delicious corners of Wales in which our Goodwash criw love to eat, sleep, play and of course wash!

This year will also be launching Elusen Goodwash our very own charity that will specifically focus on improving lives of animals and humans in our local communities and environment. So with each purchase you will be helping us to change our corner of the world #onewashatatime #ungolcharytro

Wishing you a very good year and I look forward to sharing our monthly editions of Papur Da


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