The Goodwash Company have teamed up with the fantastic Gower Gin company to develop a bespoke gin candle with a difference.

The outcome is a bespoke natural gin candle bursting with the 8 natural botanicals of Gwyr. Customers have already vouched it smells good enough to drink!

The Goodwash Company believe in developing luxury products with a humble social conscience.

Gwyr Gin bottle inspired the good gin candle both inside and out.

The Gower gin company GWYR is an award winning and sophisticated blend of eight botanical, blending lemon, pink grapefruit with wild foraged bronze and green fennel. Their recipes capture the freshness of the sea and the heady fragrance of the local herbs. 

A recent #InGoodCompany event by The Goodwash Company

Founder Mandy says ‘We have been excited to collaborated with this cwl Welsh brand to make a delicious jin candle… that not only smells divine but helps improve lives in the local community through our Good wash foundation.

Mandy adds ‘We love to work with like-minded brands that not only have the highest expectations for their product but also a humble social conscience and want to support local people and care about their environment.

We worked closely with Andrew and Sian at Gower gin (who have a great nose for botanicals – of course they do!) to make sure our bespoke botanical gin soy candle could fill a room with the freshness that take you to the beautifully fresh and heady Gower coastline as GWYR so expertly does.

Goodwash Founder Mandy Powell with Sian Brookes Director The Gower Gin company at a recent #ingoodcompany event

The 220g Gwyr gin candle is infused with compelling key notes of all the gwyr gin botanicals. All natural unbleached soy wax candle with natural wick. 

Just as the original GWYR bottle design the 30cl soy candle is finished with an embossed copper label and matching copper lid to represent Swanseas historic copper industry.

The Gower was the UKs first designated area of outstanding natural beauty. It is renowned for its stunning beached, scenery, water sports, seafood and mild climate making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

The Good Gower Gin Candle

Gower Gin Founder Sian said ‘We are delighted to be working with the Goodwash company, we love their ethos any way of working. Every time you buy a Gower Botanical gin candle, not only are you having a distinctive fresh botanical fragrance with a fill your room but you have helped make a difference, locally.’ h

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