Potato peanuts

At Goodwash we regularly review our packaging to make sure that it is as environmentally responsible as possible.

When we send out your Goodwash goodies we do everything to protect them, so they arrive with you in the same great condition as they left Goodwash HQ. So packing peanuts are important to us.

The trouble is that traditionally they have been made from polystyrene. And becuase these can’t be recycled, even if they are reused, they will end up in landfill.

So we use packing peanuts made from potatos instead. Or from potato starch to be precise. A material that simply melts away if it comes in touch with water. So you can discolve them or pop them in your home compost.

And in case you don’t believe us we made a short film to show you exactly what happens.

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