Our top 3 tips for self care

Self care is all about doing something nice for yourself each day, each week, each month of the year. About appreciating yourself and always believing something wonderful is going to happen.

For me self care is about the little things, spending time with those we love and as close to nature as possible. As CEO of a small independent business days can feel like the infamous Wallace and Gromit train chase. The one where Gromit is frantically building the track as they go…

It’s important for me that I take time to appreciate the little things, the small authentic additions that are likely to remove the grey from my January. These little things I have shared with you below.

A good dip

Get to the coast and into the January sea if you can.

The  sharp brain freeze as the 2 degree inaugural wave hits you in the face is an exceptional slap of dopamine to wake up to.

Seawater activates the body’s healing mechanisms and is rich in magnesium which helps release stress, relax your muscles and spiritually cleanse your aur. Even just a walk along the blustering coastline blows away the metaphoric cobwebs and brings freshness of cold sea air on your face.

A local haunt for me is Porthcawl but if I have more time on my hands I head further west to the Gower – Rhossili if possible. On the board looking down through clear water or outwards to the breathtaking view of the three mile long beach and wild horses that can usually be found meandering the hills around. And a little further west, Pembrokeshire has some of the best beaches in the world.

Before any of this.. always a fresh morning coffee – each Christmas Santa usually brings a supply of Gower Coffee for a January treat.  ‘Slade Bay’ is my favorite combined with a few squares of whatever chocolate is in the fridge.

A good bath

I take a therapeutic bath almost every night in January — at least 25 minutes spent chilling with my favorite winter Ynyshir candle on the slate shelf. I have always loved a bath , and I still love it. For a really relaxing bath I pour a few drops of our luxurious natural lavender bath oil with a  few splashes of our body wash whisked into bubbles infuses an incredible mix of botanicals and oils that not only smell good but also help naturally treat and organically moisturize your skin.

A good sleep

The bath and candles are usually a good starter for a good night sleep but one thing that will prevent me from dropping off is feeling like my hands (and feet) are not well moisturised.

After enough time has passed for the bath wrinkles to go, I moisturize my face, hands and feet – ensuring the heels and soles are well nourished.

Our Lavender and Rose Geranium Body Lotion holds the perfect botanical healing combination to naturally moisturise and repair my skin and support a good night sleep. Lavender is renowned for reducing stress and nervous tension and Rose Geranium is best known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent for all over your body, especially your feet.

A good sleep for Dilys too

For Dilys it’s a bedtime routine of relaxing paw balm, a mini paw massage and a kiss nos da from me. Whether a full days work at Goodwash HQ or winter walks*, Dily’s paws can get dry and rough. The paw balm contains natural healing seed and essential oils that helps relax and heal her paws to ensure they are soft and healthy.

*During January especially it’s important to know that the grit on roads is bad for paws and can burn them. Give their paws a little wash after a muddy trail or gritted pavement walk  – our dog soap bars are handy for this –  and are also naturally anti- bacterial and approved for sensitive skin and paws.

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