For such a fun season, Christmas time can be incredibly stressful. Between the copious amounts of shopping and the immense planning, come Christmas day many of us can’t wait for the Christmas to be over.

Mix up this incredibly simple and relaxing foot soak, that relieves aching muscles thanks to the peppermint and cinnamon essential oil, whilst also soothing chesty coughs thanks to the clove oil. The soak will leave your feet feeling moisturised and ache free, leaving you free to enjoy the best the silly season has to offer.

Seasonal Foot Soak Recipe
(makes 2 treatments)

1 cup epsom salts
2 organic peppermint tea bags
3 tablespoons of rapeseed oil
5 drops of peppermint essential oil
4 drops of clove essential oil
3 drops of cinnamon essential oil

In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients, stirring the epsom salts and the loose tea together before adding the wet ingredients. Stir together well and pour into an airtight container. The soak will last in a cool, dark place in the air tight container for about a month, though we’re certain it’ll get used up before then.

After a frantic day of Christmas shopping, kick back with a good movie and a warm, festive drink (see our festive glog blog) and add half a cup of the soak into a small tub of comfortably hot water. Keep your feet soaking for twenty minutes, and dry thoroughly. We recommend applying a healing and soothing DIY foot balm (see our earlier blog), and lighting a calming Goodwash frosted lavender soy candle (see candle products) to get into the festive mood.


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