Lemmy Pritchard saving his four legged friends in Cambodia during COVID19 #ONEWASHATATIME

Even during Covid19  Lemmy Pritchard has been continuing to help his friends who are suffering horrendous cruelty at the hand of the dog meat trade monsters (disguised as human beings) in Cambodia.

Vong Vannak is based in Cambodia and is a local who has been trying to raise money to rescue over 70 dogs during this time on Lemmys behalf. See facebook link here www.facebook.com/vong.vannak.71

During COVID times Lemmy has helped save 37 dogs from the dog meat trade through sales of his dog wash which has helped feed and cover medical supplies, vaccines and any emergency care.

Last year Lemmy launched his Lemmy wash vegan dog wash with us at The Goodwash Company – as we use our business model and profits to help change the world #onewashatatime.

Each time a Lemmy wash is purchased we donate 100% of profits to a dog meat trade bonefide rescue service. This year alone Lemmy has helped change the lives of over 100 dog meat trade rescues.

At Goodwash we believe our fur founders and furry friends should have nothing but the best.

Our award winning Dog products are also approved for human use. They are excellent for treating sensitive skin and dandruff, and also a proven repellent from hair lice!

Save water and show with your dog next time… Like Matt and Lemmy! Click here to purchase Lemmy wash and help improve lives for these poor dog meat trade rescues in Cambodia. Help support Lemmy on his mission to stop this cruel humans continue doing this. SWYD

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