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As days get colder and shorter, it’s easy for us to start neglecting our tresses. They get bundled into hats and tangled in the wind, wreaking havoc on our roots, and splitting ends left and right. Treat your stressed locks, and sit back and reap the relaxing benefits of a hot coconut and argan oil hair mask.

Coconut oil works miracles on dry hair, helping it restore its luxor and shine. The naturally hydrating oil soothes irritated scalps, and aids in the removal of dandruff, which can amplify in cooler months. It also helps stimulate hair growth, and prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to long, glossy locks.

Working hand in hand with the wonderous coconut oil, is the magical ‘liquid gold’ argan oil. It’s ideal for all hair types because of it’s light weight formula. Argan oil also works to treat split ends, and to tame frizzy hair, which is a common issue in dry, windy months. Argan oil also restores the scalp, which can become irritated, cracked and damaged as temperatures drop.

To add to this wonderful hot oil hair mask, add some peppermint essential oil to stimulate hair growth and vitality. The main chemical in essential oil, menthol, improves blood circulation, and when massaged into the scalp and combined with coconut and argan oil, it encourages hair growth.

Hot Coconut + Argan Oil hair mask recipe
(Makes one treatment)

2 Tbsp organic coconut oil
2 Tbsp organic argan oil
4 drops peppermint essential oil

Combine all oils together in a glass jar, and place the jar into a bowl of boiling water. Have the water in the bowl, align with the level of oil, and leave for a minute and a half to allow the oil to heat. Before applying the oil to your scalp, test the temperature of the oil on the inside of the wrist.

The results are what makes this hair mask so glorious but the application of it really takes it to the next level. Pour small amounts of the oil on top of your head, and massage it into the scalp. As well as relaxing you with the warm oil and beautiful scent of peppermint, massaging the scalp increases blood flow, and allows the oil to sink into the roots and scalp more easily.

After massaging the scalp for a few minutes, apply the oil to the ends of the hair. Once a thin sheen is applied to the ends, tuck your hair into a shower cap. Hold a towel under hot tap water before wringing out and wrapping around the head. The heat captured in the shower cap, and from the hot towel helps the oil absorb into the hair, and the scalp, allowing you to make the most of the wonderful oils.

Once you’re all wrapped up, kick back for anywhere from 30 minutes, to two hours. When it’s time to rinse, soak the hair with hot water before shampooing. We recommend using Goodwash™ lavender, rose geranium and argan oil shampoo to give your scalp, and hair a luxurious and healing treatment that supplements the hot oil mask.

Rinse the hair at the end of your shower with tepid water to help the last of the oil dislodge, and be sure to wash off any remaining oil that may linger on the back of the neck or shoulders. Nourish your hair that little bit extra with Goodwash™ lavender, rose geranium and argan oil conditioner to add even more hydration and shine.

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