Sixty Six / Ninety Nine Partnership Launch

In the UK, a man takes his life every two hours.

Suicide is the main cause of death in the UK for men aged between 20 and 49.

There is no doubt that suicide is a serious problem in society, but one that is being tackled by a new social enterprise.

In 2020/2021 promoting positive physical & mental health in local communities is, and will be, central to social impact at the Goodwash Company.

 ‘On the eve of  Mental Health Awareness Week we are proud to launch our partnership with Sixty Six / Ninety Nine, and social entrepreneur Mark Smith .

Kelly Davies, Goodwash Co Founder.

Sixty Six / Ninety Nine is an arts and media social enterprise that is focusing on providing new solutions to suicide awareness and prevention.

Globally, one suicide occurs every 40 seconds. In 66 minutes, 99 people take their life. 

The social enterprise is using those number as quotation marks to frame conversations around this most difficult of subjects, that lead to its innovative services.

Sixty Six / Ninety Nine works with organisations to provide PR agency and community arts services in ways that can have multiple benefits for individuals.

As a PR agency, the business works with clients by managing ground-breaking campaigns, organising influential events, creating effective digital content, and generating valuable press coverage.

Community arts is also central to the work of Sixty Six / Ninety Nine, as it delivers high quality creative programmes through a series of arts-based workshops. The workshops cover a range of art forms, which are agreed with clients and participants in advance to help address issues that matter to them.

Set up by mental health campaigner Mark Smith, it’s thought to be the first social enterprise that is working specifically on the issue of suicide in this way. Mark brings his own experiences of mental ill health, with professional skills and expertise to shape and deliver life-changing services.

We are really pleased to launch a long-term partnership with Goodwash Company a great company with genuine values that align so closely with ours, helping people in local communities across Wales’

Mark Smith, founder of Sixty Six/ Ninety Nine.

Sixty Six / Nine is currently working with the Mental Health Foundation and Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, and has received support from the Welsh Government and UnLtd.

The bottom line is that suicide prevention saves lives; suicide awareness improves understanding and normalises conversations on the subject and makes it easier for people to seek help. Sixty Six / Ninety Nine is working to make this happen.

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