When we search for our skin and hair care products we often keep an eye out for natural, eco friendly alternatives to paraben and sulphate filled products. We search high and low for cruelty free products that will leave our hair glossy and healthy from natural essential oils and ingredients. So why not do the same for your best four legged friend?

Just as there are for humans, there are are an innumerable amount of benefits to switching to natural products for your dog. Dog shampoos that use natural fragrances through essential oils are not only benefiting your nose, the essential oils have added benefits to your pooch’s skin, coat, and mood.



Romans were the first to be recorded for recognising lavender’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and lavender was used by military physicians to treat war wounds. It’s these powerful, natural properties that make is such an incredible ingredient in dog shampoos. Even the slightest nick or graze can turn problematic and uncomfortable for your pup because of all the bacteria that becomes trapped in their fur. Not only does the lavender cleanse the fur of the grit and grime from day to day doggy activities.

Lavender’s anti-inflammatory abilities help calm irritations that upsets dogs with sensitive skin. For owners with dogs that suffer from eczema, lavender essential oil is the first thing to look for in a dog shampoo. Whilst the lavender works to cleanse the irritated skin, it also works to soothe it, reducing the pain and discomfort the dog is feeling. Just think, lavender comes highly recommended from Roman gladiators themselves.



Now that winter is on its way, the change in seasons come with the same problems for dogs as it does for humans. New bugs and viruses are finding their way into our lives, and whilst we can pop a couple more vitamin C tablets, our furry friends aren’t so lucky. Or are they? Thanks to rose geranium’s antimicrobial properties, the oil works to boost your pup’s immune system with every wash, which is handy on long walks through the muddy forest in the cooler months.

The oil also works as a cytophylactic, which promotes cell health and encourages the regeneration of new cells, which leads to a thick, healthy coat. Rose geranium’s hydrating properties also mean your dog will have a glossy sheen to their fur, leaving it softer than ever before, whilst also working to hydrate the skin reducing the likelihood of bothersome dandruff.  

Combined with lavender, rose geranium has incredible calming and anti-anxiety abilities, which help relax anxious and nervous dogs, and will also help lift your own spirits with every doggy bath.



With the changing season, comes a whole bundle of fun to be had with your pup. One of the best is scurrying through woodland and kicking up the golden leaves underfoot. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their fur baby leaping through piles of fallen leaves, and little muddy paws? Unfortunately for those muddy paws, they can pick up all sorts of infections, both fungal and bacterial. Tea tree oil is especially good at fighting against potential topical infections that can cause painful swelling and sores on sensitive paws. Just like lavender and geranium oil, tea tree oil is also an anti-inflammatory that soothes a whole host of skin problems all over the body.

Muddy escapades through the forest with other dogs can also mean an increase in the spread of pesky fleas. Tea tree oil’s insecticidal properties help deter fleas from making a home on your pooch. And despite the chilly temperatures, dogs often shed in response to the change in weather, meaning extra work for you and your hoover. Tea tree oil helps promote strong follicles, and the prevention of unwanted shedding and fur fallout.

The Goodwash Company Woof Wash have combined the best of all these essential oils to create a natural, vegan accredited, gentle dog shampoo that will leave your bestfriend feeling their absolute best  Additionally, if you were ever inclined to share a shower with your four legged companion (we don’t judge) our woofwash is totally appropriate to use as human wash too.



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