After all this washing lots of people are getting in touch asking us about hand remedies for really dry, sore and splitting hands.

It is really (really) important to moisturise after washing your hands.  A layer of our essential oils and butters can also help add further layer of protection to your skin.

Here is one of our easiest DIY Goodwash hand remedies…

 You will need;
1 x pair of winter knit gloves
1 x pair of surgical/first aid gloves
1 x tablespoon Goodwash hand lotion CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Scoop half of the tablespoon of lotion into one hand and cover your hand, making sure to cover the nail and nail beds as well. Once coated, carefully pull on the surgical glove before pulling the knit glove over the top. Repeat for the other hand.

The latex of the surgical glove traps the heat coming from your hands, allowing your pore to open, and absorb as much lotion as possible. This is then amplified by pulling on the cosy winter gloves.

Leave on for as long as possible to give your hands as much moisturising time as possible. If your hands are in some serious need of hydrating, keep the gloves on overnight for an intense repair.

When you’re done with your hand mask, remove the gloves and massage the remaining lotion into your wonderfully pampered paws.

Share with us how much better your hands feel afterwards using our #goodwashco hashtag

For instant dry hand remedies on the go do use our paw balm ‘Pawen lawen’. Approved for both humans and paws it has received fantastic feedback from customers suffering with chronic psoriasis and dermatitis conditions including eczema.

Stay safe good friends.


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