What better way to say thank you in this current environment than with a gift of a good wash?

Each time you purchase a soap bar from the Goodwash Company we will send you a complimentary ‘ration bar’ for you to give to another member of the community as a thank you #DIOLCH.

We have even left a space on the label for you to ‘ADD PERSONS NAME’; it could be NHS worker, neighbour, vulnerable person, emergency worker, family member or even local shop owner who is staying open to support your local community. 

You could leave on a doorstep or as part of a care package. Or if you wish to donate your bar to our local NHS or food bank deliveries let us know in your note section of your order.

Each ‘Diolch’ or ‘THANK YOU’ bar is a plain white bar soap bar, certified vegan, allergen free, and approved for humans with sensitive skin. We have added no clay or oils to this bar to ensure all members of society can enjoy a good wash. 

Say thank you with a good soap #DIOLCH bar. 

Every time you purchase Goodwash products you are making a real difference to local communities including our heroic NHS and emergency organisations. Click here SEBON DA to choose a natural made bar. Our teams have continued to work all weekend providing wash products free of charge to local NHS departments and foodbanks follow our social media @WashDoGood for updates. 

We are united in our endeavour to work together and ensure the health and safety of every member of our community. We would love to see the names and who you are choosing to give your bar too … include us in your posts share the hashtags #Diolch #sebonda #Washdogood 

Stay safe – remember the virus can stay on cardboard/ most surfaces for 20 hours so please wash your hands! 

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