Eisteddfod 2023

Mis Awst is the month of August and to me, Ceril, as a founding Director of the Goodwash Company this means one thing, the National Eisteddfod. Since I can remember I have spent the first week of August at the 8 day festival celebrating all that it is to be Welsh. It has grown beyond all recognition during my lifetime encompassing not only the literature, music, drama and art of Wales but also now the history, science, political and economic scene that is modern day Cymru. 

When our Goodwash founder Mandy told me back in 2017 that she and Kelly, fellow founder, were setting up a Welsh luxury, ethical wash brand as a social enterprise I had one comment, make sure the branding embraces the Welsh language, Cymraeg. It was hard to express how important this was to me but they understood and invited me to join the Goodwash criw to realise this. 

6 years later and I couldn’t be prouder of our achievements. We have morphed from an award winning social enterprise to a new limited company and taken Cymraeg with us every step of the way. Taking our brand to the Eisteddfod, the largest cultural show in Europe has been part of this journey. It has been an opportunity to showcase our Goodwash company products and ethos to our most local customers. The footfall at last week’s Eisteddfod in Llŷn and Eifionydd was over 150,000. We can’t claim that they all visited our stall but we are overjoyed that so many of you did.

The week at the Eisteddfod brought us valuable feedback and allowed us to get to know what it is you love about Goodwash. It was clear that many of you are returning customers who value the importance of eco refills in reducing our plastic footprint. You like our distinctive branding that looks good in your bathrooms. You like spoiling yourselves and see our products as treats to make you feel good. You value the importance of employing young people on our stall and the fact that we offer opportunities within our community in Barri. Many of you were interested in placing our products within your businesses and events and we will be sending you our trade arrangements. You wanted to know who our stockists are so here they are below. Please do contact us if you want any further information mandy@goodwash.co.uk

Our stall was staffed by our Goodwash Criw, a team of young people that live local to our HQ at Barri and who attend the Eisteddfod annually. The team was led by Mali who has worked weekends at our siop since it opened in 2020. It was wonderful to see how she rose to the challenge of managing the week. She was joined by Lena, Talar and Awen who worked with a smile and helped us change our corner of the world  #onewashatatime or as we say in Cymraeg #ungolcharytro. This was a remarkable feat of resilience considering most of them were burning the midnight oil at Maes B, the contemporary after dark Welsh music festival that runs alongside the Eisteddfod. 

Goodwash would like to say a huge DIOLCH to the four of them for their hard work last week and are especially thinking of Mali, Awen and Lena as they receive their exam results this month. 

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