Conscious consumerism is creating a tidal wave in the hair and skin care markets, and more people are demanding transparency from the companies they buy from.

Whether their concern lies with the chemicals going onto their skin, or into their ocean, customers are leaning towards a lifestyle with fewer chemicals.

But what are the benefits to reducing the chemicals in your life?

Recent studies and investigations have linked common chemicals used in popular skin and haircare products to such issues as eczema and adult acne. These are commonly found in shampoo and conditioner as it makes mass production much more cost effective.

Other side effects of using skin and haircare products high in harmful toxins include hair loss, heightened skin sensitivity, and hormone disruption.

Alongside the negative effects these chemicals can have on humans, there’s also the environment to consider.

Common antibacterial chemicals, such as Triclosan, are used in handsoap and cause a disruption in aquatic ecosystems by increasing the number of antibiotic resistant organisms.

The European Union classifies Triclosan as being able to cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. The chemical doesn’t degrade quickly, and when it reacts with other chemicals in waterways it forms dioxins, which are toxic.

By making the conscious decision to remove chemicals from your life, you are not only doing yourself a favour, your also making an important stand in support of the environment.

How is The Goodwash Company™ making a difference?

We wanted to create a line of wash products that didn’t compromise quality and luxury for sustainability. The company was formed from the idea that alongside giving back to society, we would also create beautiful wash products that used only the finest natural ingredients. We sourced natural alternatives to the common chemicals that were plaguing the wash care isles around the world.

By using essential oils instead of artificial fragrance, you not only get the benefits of a beautiful, natural scent, you also reap the rewards of the power of the oils themselves.

To relax ourselves after a long day, we add Lavender Essential Oil to our shampoo and conditioner. The scent is known for reducing anxiety and headaches, but the oil itself is a wonderful anti inflammatory, perfect for sensitive and dry scalps.

In our handwash we have included Patchouli Essential Oil, which leaves your hands smelling earthy and fresh, whilst the healing properties of the oil repair damaged and dry skin.

As a company and as individuals, The Goodwash™ team is invested in educating people on natural alternatives that can help them eliminate harmful chemicals from their lives. Whether that be with our natural Lavender + Peppermint Foot Soak Recipe or our calming, and relaxing Golden Milk Recipe, we want people to look for natural means of improving their lives.

We aspire to encourage a conversation that begins with “will this product be harmful to my skin and my planet?”, and ends with “I want to make a positive difference”.

To learn more about Goodwash™, and keep up to date with our natural alternatives recipes, subscribe to our newsletter + help us change the world one wash at a time.

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