The best holiday rental companies in Wales

Holiday rentals in Wales have changed dramatically since childhood holidays full of sand sandwiches and crabbing off the pier.

But the challenge is still how you sort the so so from the spectacular.

And unfortunately, Google and Air BNB are not your friends – turning the task of finding your perfect Welsh hideaway into an epic endeavour with no guarantees when you turn the key on your arrival. You might as well put a pin in a map.

What you really need is some ‘go to’ companies that curate the sort live up to expectations.

We decided to take the hard work off your hands and suggest our favourite places to find your perfect place.

Here are our top five holiday rental companies that you can depend upon to deliver the experience of this country that you are dreaming of.

  • Sea and Slate

Sea and Slate are great friends of Goodwash and we often use their properties for our photo shoots and stays. They only operate in Wales so are experts on the subject as well as having a similar passion for the Welsh language as us. Expect cottages and homes that are a cut above the average without costing you a fortune. And almost all their properties are dog friendly.

  • The National Trust

Yes, you can stay in National Trust properties and coastline. It might well be in an apartment inside a castle or stately home, but more often it will be in houses and cottages that came with the land when it was acquired by the Trust and provides one of their main sources of income. Expect comfort but not luxury as these cottages have to honour the property that they are preserving so you will be unlikely to find an outdoor hot tub or a home cinema. On the other hand who needs all that when you are perched about the beach at Rhossili watching a storm come in over the Worm’s Head cosy in front of the log burner in the knowledge that your holiday is helping support the work of the National Trust across the UK.

  • Unique Homestays

If luxury is your bag, then bag a Unique Homestay property. These are off the scale gorgeous places to stay but be prepared to pay for that experience as they are not cheap. That said, we are in the world of sensational bathrooms, stunning conversions and yes hot tubs. Hard to resist when you return from an evening swim the cold is beginning to bite and dark is descending. Unique Homestays has properties across the UK with 21 immaculate homes in Wales, including one of our favourites, the Smokehouse on Newgale Beach.

  • Cwtch camping

Not cottages and not a rental company. But if glamping is more your scene the wonderful Cwtch Camping in Pembrokeshire offers an off-grid glamping experience that is as good as it gets. With just three well-spaced huts you can either take one knowing your neighbours won’t be staying on top of you. Or take the whole site for complete privacy and an entire woodland (and sauna) to yourself – perfect for noisy kids and nosy dogs.

  • Under The Thatch

Founded by an architectural historian, Under the Thatch offers rentals in properties that have been modernised in sympathy with the original building. Expect more authentic and slightly more rugged properties that will transport you back into a Wales before terrible bungalows and ugly extensions blighted our landscape. Stunning to look at and live in, these are properties that add to the environment of Wales instead of detracting from it.

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