Mis Mai

May is an important month in Wales when the Urdd – the Welsh league of youth releases its annual Peace and Goodwill message to the world. For a hundred years the children and young people of Wales have sent out this unique message reflecting the desires of the young people in our society today. It’s a call to action to the world and one which completely resonates with our Goodwash values. It has been translated into 50 languages and is available here for you all to read. This year’s focus is anti-racism, celebrating kindness, celebration and acceptance. It will be officially launched on May 18th, please do share this important message 


Supporting young people is also important to us at Goodwash. At our siop in Y Barri we have been able to employ and support youth volunteers to develop workplace skills. If you are local or visiting South Wales, call in meet our Goodwash criw. Remember to bring your furry besties and empty bottles! 

Best Welsh Festivals in May

Have you ever visited the Hay Festival or the Urdd Eisteddfod?

The Hay festival is an independent, mission-led charity based in the famous booktown of Y Gelli Gandryll. Their aim is to inspire, examine and entertain sustainable events and projects around the world. The festival has grown since 1987 and has been described as the “Woodstock of the Mind” by Bill Clinton. Currently presided by Stephen Fry this year it hosts a staggering 350 sessions, many of which you can still book by visiting the website. 


The programme has so many highlights, some available online. A few have particularly caught our eye at Goodwash. 

The Big Seaweed Show (Event 139) discusses the versatility of seaweed and its use as food, clothing and an alternative to plastic. We have enjoyed eating Bara lawr here in Wales for centuries and are excited to now hear of how seaweed can also be a non-plastic alternative to packaging. Reducing our about our Carbon footprint is our future at Goodwash. 

A square Meal on a square mile (Event 7) also caught our eye, a session discussing the Welsh concept of the Milltir sgwâr which promotes belonging to and being immersed in a small community. They ask are we bold enough to revert to a more localised approach to food production: a square meal on a square mile? 

There are so many sessions to delight between the 25th of May and the 4th of June we definitely think you should check out the event guide.

The Urdd Eisteddfod is one of Europe’s largest youth touring festival that will see over 15,000 children and young people perform in competitions ranging from singing, dancing, performing and even cooking. Our young Goodwash criw members will be competing and hoping for success!

It’s held in a different location annually during Whitsun week and this year it will be held at Llanymddyfri. The 1,800 seater Pavilion is the home of the competitions and is very much the hub of the Eisteddfod. Surrounding the Pavilion, on the Maes, you will find hundreds of colourful stalls offering a range of activities for all the family – from biking, climbing to live bands and children’s shows. It’s a happy celebration of Welsh youth culture.

Cwestiwn da

Do you recognise this flower?

Do you know where it grows?

A rare flower unique to Wales within the British Isles blooms in May so if you are lucky and adventurous you just May get to see it. Its is called Lili’r Wyddfa, Lloydia serontia or the Snowdon Lilly. Named after one of the pioneers of Welsh Botany, Edward Llwyd who discovered this bulbous alpine growing in the crags of the Eryri National Park in 1688. It is a very rare alpine growing in awkward places and often only seen with binoculars on inaccessible ledges. If you are exploring in Eryri this May keep your eyes peeled for this beauty and please tell us if you see it!

Geiriau Goodwash Words

  • Y Gelli Gandryll – Hay on Wye
  • Bara lawr – Laverbread
  • Milltir sgwâr – Square mile
  • Maes – Field
  • criw – crew

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