Sidan Gwallt – Hair like silk

Everything that goes into our products is from or inspired by Wales.

That’s why our cruelty free natural products are based on age old Welsh remedies that are very good news for your skin, hair and fur.

So we wanted to share with you some of the ingredients that we use and the recipes that we follow.

And we want to start with our hair conditioner – we call it Sidan Gwallt which literally means hair silk. And the reason is the reviews that it has been picking up, especially from Award winning Hair Salon Gee and Hayes in Caerdydd.

As Adrian Gees says ‘Our customers are stoked, we began stocking the the Goodwash hair products last year and now after hugely positive feedback we have switched to using their Natural Shampoo and Hair Conditioner at the basins, the natural botanicals make a real difference to the quality in terms of hair strength and shine’

So why is it so good?

We started experimenting with our ingredients back in 2018 by sourcing organic essential oils from the Gower, Rhayader and our friends at Halen Môn in Anglesey. Using natural and traditional recipes.

One of the first wash products we brought to market was the dog wash that we developed to help Mandy’s westie Maisy, who suffered from sensitive skin and would bite her paws after being washed with most dog shampoos. This taught us a lot about the healing properties of natural ingredients and recipes.

And this is what we brought to our Sidan Gwallt.

It includes amazing Argan oil which is incredibly hydrating for hair, locking moisture into damaged and stressed hair. Indeed it is especially beneficial in the recovery of colour treated.

Lavender oil works well with Argan to hydrate dry hair but it also promotes circulation, bringing more blood to the scalp and follicles, leading to thicker, healthier hair.

And then we added Rose Geranium. we always knew that we wanted to include this n the recipe for hair care. This miraculous oil has a whole host of benefits that help bring you thicker, healthier hair. Rich in vitamin E, rose geranium promotes cell regeneration of the scalp, creating stronger follicles, and allowing more hair growth. 

Its pretty awesome on its own – its very very good with lavender and argan oil.

See our full cruelty free hair range here (and don’t forget to take a look in our ffwr section for your four legged besties – without them we wouldn’t have created such a great product)

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