GLÂN Hand Sanitiser



Our partners Gower Gin (based in Port Eynon, Gower. South Wales ) have temporarily converted from producing gin to making the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) approved formulation for Hand Sanitizer as approved by HMRC.

The sanitiser is called Glân which means pure / spotless; made with a touch of calming lavender, it has been a small patch of brightness during a difficult time.

The strength of the Sanitiser is 80% alcohol by volume and is effective against all viruses including Corona Virus.

The sale of the Hand Sanitiser is ‘Not for Profit’ which means that the price of £5 per dispenser allows Gower Gin to cover our costs and then produce and donate more to support Key Workers across South Wales.

Based on WHO – recommended hand-rub formulation
For external use only – DO NOT Drink
Avoid contact with eyes
Keep out of the reach of children
L. 05/04/20

Use: Apply a palmful of alcohol-based hand-rub and cover all surfaces of the hands thoroughly. Rub hands until dry
Composition: ethanol (80% e), glycerol (1.45%), hydrogen peroxide-3% (0.13%) and added essential oils (could be excluded)
Avoid if pregnant
Flammable: keep away from flame and heat
Store in a cool dry place


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