In the average British person’s lifetime, over £47,000 is spent on hair. That could be deposit on a house, flat or even a preowned Aston Martin (although maybe not a Vanquish). They invest money into products that ultimately could cause more damage, meaning their hair needs more maintenance, and yes you have guessed it, more money.

At The Goodwash Company we care about what goes into every bottle, and how it will affect you. We are firm believers in keeping harmful parabens and sulphates out of our products …you can read about the damage they cause here

Shampoos with parabens wreak havoc on people with naturally curly hair. The preservative prevents evaporation, which dries out the hair, and tend to strip the hair of healthy, natural oils that keep hair looking lovely. Without these oils, your hair becomes dry and brittle meaning with every wash, your hair is being weakened. The natural oils your hair produces also work to prevent toxins floating in the air from settling, and attaching to your tresses.

For those with coloured hair, using a paraben free shampoo is imperative to keeping your hair nourished and healthy. The foaming agent that is Paraben also strips a layer of colour out of your hair with every wash, meaning more maintenance, more money, and more damage to your hair. For your best, and most healthiest hair, we have turned to nature for answers.

Goodwash shampoo is loaded with pure and high quality essential oils that not only naturally fragrance our product, but also provide wonderful benefits to your hair. Aloe vera leaf juice has high levels of vitamin E, which helps restore and strengthen hair follicles. High levels of vitamin E are vital for strong, healthy hair, and promotes thicker and more rapid hair growth. Aloe vera also protects hair against hot styling tools and treacherous weather, and is packed with healing proteins to help damaged hair and restore it to its rightful voluptuous glory.

Argan oil, a lightweight and nourishing oil, puts moisture and volume into your hair without weighing it down like other, heavier oils. It’s lightweight formula allows it to easily absorb into the hair, leaving you with glossy, not greasy, locks. The oil is also incredibly hydrating, locking that much needed moisture into damaged and stressed hair, aiding in the recovery of colour treated hair.

Lavender essential oil works with the argan oil to hydrate dry hair, making frizzy hair days a thing of the past. Its anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic nature also helps alleviate any dryness from sensitive scalps, and prevents and clears itch causing bacteria from the skin. Lavender also promotes circulation, bringing more blood to the scalp and follicles, leading to thicker, healthier hair.

Rose geranium essential oil is the last, but certainly not least, natural ingredient in our Goodwash shampoo. This miraculous oil has a whole host of benefits to bring you thicker, healthier hair. Rich in vitamin E, rose geranium promotes cell regeneration of the scalp, creating stronger follicles, and allowing more hair growth. As a natural cicatrisant, a powerful healer, rose geranium is a powerful means to healing damaged hair. And just like lavender oil, rose geranium is antimicrobial, and works to improve and strengthen your immune system.

As a company, we wanted to create products that don’t just change lives through The Goodwash Foundation, but also make a difference to the person using it. We pride ourselves on using the best from nature to bring the absolute best to you. Find our Goodwash Lavender, Rose Geranium and Argan Oil Shampoo here.

This project has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund through Welsh government.

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