Wash your hands…. but don’t forget to moisturise.

Not applying hand cream after washing can lead to dryness, redness, itching, flaking, discomfort and in severe cases, cracks in the skin.

Those with preexisting dermatologic conditions like eczema can experience worsening symptoms.

Every Goodwash bottle of lavender, patchouli and rose geranium hand lotion  is full to bursting with natural goodness that works to naturally heal your hands whilst keeping them looking healthy, nourished and youthful – no matter how many times you wash them.

We use a trio of natures finest and most hydrating oils and butters to provide and retain moisture, whilst fighting against signs of ageing, all three high in Vitamin E, which promotes skin elasticity. As hypo-allergenic and gentle sources of hydration, Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Shea butter are often used as soothing remedies for eczema and psoriasis. Both oils are also anti inflammatory in nature. This makes them a wonderful addition to a hand lotion to treat dry and often sore hands.

The Aloe Vera in the hand lotion is also an incredible source of hydration and also promotes healing, and alongside Shea butter, Almond, and Olive Oil, is high in age fighting Vitamin E. We have supplemented these powerful ingredients with equally powerful essential oils to not only leave your hands smelling wonderful, but also for the oils’ healing and restorative abilities.

Lavender, Patchouli and Rose Geranium essential oils have been used throughout history as natural ways to combat bacteria and infection. These oils are antimicrobial and help remove bacteria from the skin and nails. The oils are also anti-inflammatory, working to relieve symptoms of irritating skin conditions.

We recommend keeping a bottle of cruelty free Goodwash hand lotion by your Cegin sink, hand bag or office work place. Don’t forget the important step of adding a moisturising layer to your hands post washing.

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