The average person has 8 different products for their hair, including hair oils, leave in conditioners and hydrating serums. Sometimes it seems that the more conditioning product you put into your hair, the dryer it gets. 

Common chemicals in conditioning products often strips the hair of natural oils that your hair produces, leaving your hair dull and lifeless. Without these natural oils, your hair struggles to repair itself, and it can also lead to scalp irritations, resulting in dandruff.

Preservatives like parabens are known for drying out hair, but artificial fragrances are known irritants and can also dry out and damage follicles. The drier your hair, the more susceptible to damage it is, and the more damaged your hair is, the more product you buy for it. It is a vicious circle.

At The Goodwash Company we have tried our hardest to replace harmful chemicals with natural alternatives that not only avoid damaging your hair, but also work to repair any existing damage. Not only have we filled every bottle with sumptuous and luxurious pure essential oils, we add natural proteins to help strengthen your hair.

Hydrolysed wheat protein offers a natural strengthening protein to your conditioner. Protein molecules in their natural state are too large to be absorbed into hair fibres, so they are hydrolysed into smaller fragments. Wheat protein is known for its ability to help hair retain moisture and benefit hair elasticity, helping hair to avoid breakage. That silky, glossy feel after using a bottle of Goodwash lavender, rose geranium and argan oil Conditioner is in part thanks to hydrolysed wheat protein.

However wheat protein cannot nourish your hair on its own, and it works together with Argan oil to leave your hair feeling and looking glossy and sumptuous. Argan oil has been used as early as 1550 BCE by an ancient civilization, that originated in the Eastern Mediterranean, called the Phoenicians. They used the rich, hydrating oil in their hair, nails, faces and bodies because of the nourishing and healing benefits. Argan oil tends to be much lighter than other oils, making it easier for the skin and hair to absorb without it feeling weighed down and greasy. This is essential in leaving hair glossy, rather than oily.

We believe that after every wash, you should be left looking and feeling your best, and we have added evening primrose oil into our conditioner to ensure just that. Evening primrose oil is known for its high levels of nutrients that are wonderful stimulants for hair growth. The oil thickens and promotes hair growth by penetrating deep into the layers of hair and working its way up from the roots. We’ve found that evening primrose oil is a valuable addition to our conditioner that due to it’s natural, earthy scent, is perfect for both men and women.

What would Goodwash be without our much loved essential oils. The benefits of these wonderful ingredients not only naturally scents our conditioner to avoid harmful synthetic fragrances, but they carry their own physical benefits.

Lavender and rose geranium are both powerful natural antibacterial oils, helping to relieve the symptoms of dandruff caused from bacteria. Lavender promotes blood circulation which helps the evening primrose oil promote thick, healthy hair growth, whilst the oil also hydrates the hair, leaving it glossy. And though the physical benefits of these two oils are wonderful, their mood lifting ability is exactly what you need in the shower each morning. Rose geranium, a known hormone balancer, works with lavender essential oil to relieve stress induced headaches, and to calm anxiety and nervousness.

With all these wonderful, natural ingredients, it feels good knowing that with every wash, your hair is getting a luxurious treatment, whilst you breathe in the mood lifting benefits of the essential oils. For the ultimate experience, we recommend teaming you lavender, rose geranium and Argan oil Goodwash Conditioner with our matching lavender, rose geranium and Argan oil Shampoo.

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