The GARNANT in collaboration with Angharad Pearce Jones

The Garnant Candle is the result of a collaboration between us at the Goodwash Company and the renowned  Welsh artist Angharad Pearce Jones of Haearn Designer Blacksmiths Ltd.

This limited edition candle is a celebration of the industries and crafts of Wales combined in the form a traditional Welsh hat.

The Port Talbot steel, is cut in Penybont by Laser lab Wales,  electroplated in Treorci by Wales Metal Finishers and transformed by Angharad and her team in Garnant into a modern day Welsh Hat.

The soy candle was created and poured by the Goodwash Company in Conwy. It evokes the aroma of an old cottage, wafts of lavender and the smoky open fire taking you back in time.

‘The Garnant’ limited edition Welsh candle

Refills can be obtained via our website*

The Garnant candle is wrapped in a wool sack made from recycled Welsh woollen blankets, hand sewn by the Goodwash criw in Barri.

Each candle sold will provide a full day of childcare at Clwb Plant Brynaman. The Clwb is a social enterprise that plays a vital role in the lives of families in the Aman Valley providing essential affordable childcare enabling low-income parents to work. This is particularly important in this Covid time, when grandparents have been unable to help out.

Each of the 60 handmade candles are unique. They are available exclusively at our Siop in GOODSHEDS, y Barri or online on our website at a price of £135.

*due 2021

Our board member Dr Ceril Rhys-Dillon who led on this project from the basis of her own Welsh Hat

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