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We have linked up with our partners Gower Gin (based in Port Eynon, Gower. South Wales ) who have temporarily converted from producing gin to making the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) approved formulation for Hand Sanitizer as approved by HMRC.

The sanitiser is called Glân which means pure / spotless; made with a touch of calming lavender, it has been a small patch of brightness during a difficult time.

The strength of the Sanitiser is 80% alcohol by volume and is effective against all viruses including Corona Virus.

The sale of the Hand Sanitiser is ‘Not for Profit’ which means that the price per dispenser allows Gower Gin to cover our costs and then produce and donate more to support Key Workers across South Wales.


60ml, 250ml, or 500ml

Based on WHO – recommended hand-rub formulation
For external use only – DO NOT Drink
Avoid contact with eyes
Keep out of the reach of children
L. 05/04/20

Use: Apply a palmful of alcohol-based hand-rub and cover all surfaces of the hands thoroughly. Rub hands until dry
Composition: ethanol (80% e), glycerol (1.45%), hydrogen peroxide-3% (0.13%) and added essential oils (could be excluded)
Avoid if pregnant
Flammable: keep away from flame and heat
Store in a cool dry place

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Hand Sanitiser

500ml, 250ml, 60ml


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