When the days get shorter, and the grey skies never seem to disappear, it’s easy to fall into an autumn and winter slump. 20% of the population suffer from mild Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as SAD. For most, SAD is a temporary disorder however self care, even in the short term is important.


As winter draws closer, shops and offices start pumping up the central heating which dries out your skin. We tend to stop drinking as much water as we do in summer because it doesn’t feel warm enough to warrant it but, no matter the temperature, our bodies still need at least 8 glasses of water to function properly. 


Getting enough sleep, especially in flu season, is imperative. Sleepless nights can play havoc on our immune systems that are already working hard to keep our body healthy. Try putting the phone down at least an hour before sleep time and spray a diluted lavender oil solution on your pillow this will help your body recover from the day.


Skin becomes dry and irritated from the constant dry warmth of central heating systems and when combined with windy, cold weather, our skin suffers a lot. Keep a bottle of hand lotion on your desk to hydrate your hands when they start to suffer. We recommend our vegan accredited Lavender, Patchouli and Rose Geranium hand lotion packed with moisturising and healing essential oils that will leave your hands feeling at their best.



As it gets colder, we’re more inclined to bundle up and stay inside, opting for cosy pyjamas instead of workout clothes. Fight the urge to cosy-up, and make time for exercise no matter how cold it gets. You can choose to embrace the weather and get outdoors to enjoy nature in all its natural glory or make use of local indoor gym classes, or even an indoor pool to keep your strength up over autumn and winter. Regular exercise helps build up your resistance to bugs and viruses, and floods you with endorphins to help kick the winter blues.


Fill your home with Hygge (pronounced hue-guh), the Danish solution to being stuck indoors during frosty, wintry months. The practice of all things cosy and content, Hygge is a means of inviting warmth and comfort into the home. Lighting candles can being one of the best ways of practicing it. Pick up some naturally scented soy candles to fill your home with soft, delightful lighting, and beautiful aromas. For the perfect relaxing and uplifting candle, try our Frosted Lavender, Wild Musk and Fresh Citrus soy candle.


With cold days comes the perfect opportunity to give warmth and shelter. Take a visit to your local rescue shelter to find a new forever friend to keep warm on cold nights and to bring cheer and joy into your winter. We partner with Llanharan Hope Rescue and we are passionate about improving the quality of life for rescues, and if you have the means to care and love for a new friend, then we recommend you do it. Both you and your new furry friend will benefit from the new relationship in more ways than you think, evidence suggests that the simple act of stroking your pet can alleviate stress and anxiety.


Despite the seasonal blues, autumn and winter hold some spectacularly beautiful sights to see along our welsh mountains and coastlines. Make the most of the changing seasons by tugging on your wellies and taking the dog for a walk through crispy golden leaves, and jumping in puddles. Life can be stressful and being an adult isn’t always a lot of fun, so dig out your inner child and enjoy the little things that make your heart happy.


After a refreshing walk, warm yourself up with a relaxing and restorative bath. Fill it up with our GW immunity boosting DIY bath melt. Chilling in the tub is one of the best ways of practicing Hygge and gives you the perfect opportunity to relax in peace. Stock up on your to-read books, and enjoy the peace and quiet in your bath. If you’re really in the mood to treat yourself, mix up a delicious hot drink to nurse in the bath. Nothing says ‘self care’ like sipping an immunity boosting and warming mug of golden milk – try our GW Golden Milk recipe


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