Look after your skin

Goodwash Eli Corff is no ordinary body lotion which is one of the reasons we have received such excellent feedback from people with dry skin. And in particular when it is used on peri and post menopausal skin. 

The secret is in the ingredients . Centre stage is rose geranium that has tremendous natural anti-aging properties, tightening skin and helping to prevent premature sagging. Almond Oil strengthens and softens skin which also helps with wrinkle reduction. While lavender is renowned for it’s natural healing qualities and for reducing inflammation. It also contains lots of Vitamin A which is essential for wound and scar healing. 

It’s not just the quality and recipe that we are proud of. We source as many of these ingredients as possible from local Welsh makers. Our lavender oil comes from a cluster of lavender farms mainly within Gwynedd and Gwent. And for us the ingredients being organic is incredibly important. Plants that are grown organically contain higher levels of vital antioxidant vitamins because, without herbicides and pesticides, they are free from contamination which means the same for your skin and body.

And the results speak for themselves. This is Ann from Laugharne talking about Eli Corff ‘Since hitting my 40s I noticed my skin started to change, drier and more scaly,in particular my forearms and legs.  Since finding Goodwash I’ve been using the body cream each morning and night before bed and my skin feels and looks so much better. It smells lovely too!!’ 

So as summer unfolds why not give our body lotion a try? You can now take it away on holiday with you in our new good skin travel bag that is full of Goodwash goddies, including body lotion and 2 other wash products of your choice.

And remember you can refill all your Goodwash products with our 1Litre eco refill pouches online, in-store or at your nearest festival.

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