6 Well-being benefits of sharing COVID-19 lock down with your Dog

Sharing lock down Covid-19 with your four legged bestie could bring even more benefits for your own ‘physical’ and ‘mental’ wellbeing than you think.

Over the past month of lock down our co-founder Mandy has been with her four-legged besties, fur founder Maisy Powell and new addition Dilys at our Goodwash HQ in Barri, South Wales (see what they have been up to on their fur founder instagram page maisyduffle)

Although busy with NHS co-ordinations, online orders and key worker deliveries. Mandy seems a little more chilled than most, so we decided to dig a little deeper into the scientific benefits of lock down with your canine.

Fur Founder Maisy Powell helping oversee the gardening project at Goodwash HQ, Y Barri

Here are the top six health and well-being benefits to sharing covid-19 lockdown with your beloved furry companion;

  • Increased exercise.  Studies have shown that dog owners are far more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements. A walk, or jog (hour max though) will deepen the connection between you, eradicate most behaviour problems in dogs, and keep you both fit and healthy! Dilys loves to accompany Mandy on a 5k run around Barry most days for their allocated hour exercise.  
  • Providing companionship. Companionship can help prevent illness and even add years to your life; Caring for an animal can also help make you feel needed and wanted.
  • Helping you meet new people (at a distance). Pets can be a great social cue for their owners, helping you start and maintain new friendships.  Dog owners frequently stop and talk to each other on walks, or at local beach coffee shops (when lock down lifted). One of Maisy’s favourites is Bay 5 at Barry Island Whitmore Bay.
  • Reduce anxiety. Pets live in the moment, not worrying about what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow—they can reduce anxiety and help you become more mindful.
  • Add structure and routine. Many pets, especially dogs, require a regular feeding and exercise schedule. Having a consistent routine keeps an animal balanced and calm, which can also work for you. No matter your mood—depressed, anxious, or stressed—one gooey eyed look from your furry bestie and you will have to get out of bed to care for them.
  • Providing sensory stress relief.  Cwtshing or smoothing a dog can lower blood pressure and help you feel calmer.Well of course that’s the case.. they are adorable!
Newest Fur edition to the team, loves a football. One year old Dilys Powell.

Goodwash Co -Founder Mandy says Over the last 10 weeks team has spilt covid-19 insolation across North Wales Conwy and Barri , south Wales. We have been working around the clock to ensure our customers and key worker donations are met. Being in lock down in with these too has been really great, daily walks, dinner, and cuddles.. what more do you need to be happy…?!’

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